Who cares about L&D?

Written by Staff Writer

October 22, 2021

“My team needs training! . My people have a skills gap. What have you got to solve it?”

These are normal questions for L&D and HR. Norms are being revised however, learners now decide for themselves, people bypass L&D channels as they make their own decisions. Are certain teams more motivated to learn? Does anyone have time to learn? What are optimal ways to learn?

How does one make learning experiences accessible, have a high impact and ensure they translate into great results? Research shows that only one out of every five people are promoters for their organization’s L&D, while nearly half are detractors. See that study here.

This same study also indicates that there is a move away from traditional L&D models. Interestingly, the study found that when learners are looking for guidance on appropriate learning they behave as follows:

  • 69 percent of people ask their manager or mentor.
  • 55 percent ask their peers.
  • 47 percent search the internet for options.
  • Only 21 percent ask their L&D or HR department!

The obvious question…how does L&D stay relevant? We know about being a credible business partner, having a seat at the table and making a contribution at a strategic level. The big question is what is going to make a difference to learners and therefore to the eco-systems they work within?

Our research shows that when students have social learning opportunities, participate in learning communities and can access their learning on mobile, they excel. When they are engaged with real-life “step-ups“ that impact the way they think about their worlds, they come back for more. When they see the line of sight between their learning and their career, they soar. We use our trademarked “RAMPed” design thinking to make this happen and this keeps L&D in the game.  Contact us to find out more. #ChangeTomorrow

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