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The best way to
predict your future …
is to create it.


Pretty much anyone can run a cloud meeting into the ground.
If you’re serious about making a mark in the virtual professional space – engage for effective, decisive action!

Avoid recreating the virtual meetings that everyone dreads, and end the CLOUD-MEETING-MADNESS
with the virtual conversation strategy specifically adapted to make online meetings fly.

It’s way beyond the technology – it’s the conversation strategy you use.

v.Pro is a short, intensive, high-impact learning experience
for leaders, managers and professionals who rely on meetings and interactions
Especially online meetings – to get results.

It enables delegates to apply a conversational strategy. That means using sophisticated insights coupled with simple techniques to plan, host, facilitate and manage online interactions so they can energize people, build their brand, and get results, with the tech as an enabler.

What our June 2020 delegates said…

“From this course, I changed most of my strategies with high confidence of success”

John , Relationship Manager, Johannesburg

“It makes working remotely or via virtual easier and one can be fully confident in using it. It guides one to be more able to work on different platforms”

Thembi, Administrator, Polokwane

“We can now have proper engagement online. This brings down costs of training and meetings”

Dali, Manager, Cape Town


This learning experience will give you a fully-fledged conversation strategy…

Insight into the emerging paradigm of virtual business – ‘conversational commerce’.
A simple, easy-to-memorise and easy-to-apply formula to make meetings work for you.
Simple rules-of-thumb to plan a powerful interaction. (There’s more to it than a structured agenda.)
Pro-tips to professionalise your online presence – without the expense of a studio.
Benchmark yourself against real standards – practice with a buddy and learn from objective feedback.
An understanding of the ‘hidden script’ and the ability to transform any meeting into a hard-hitting value-conversation.
Practical questioning and inclusion techniques that guarantee relevant participation.
Manage overly dominant people with grace using techniques of diplomacy.
Deliberate listening and questioning that will the contribution of each participant.
Master the ‘PEPP’ mindset – presence, engagement, participation, problem.

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“Business is a conversation because the defining work of business is conversation – literally”.

– Dr. David Weinberger, author, philosopher, Harvard academic. 

v.Pro is a MULTIPLIER!!

The time you invest NOW in perfecting your online presence and the way you lead virtual conversations
will multiply the value of every meeting you have.
That’s how new trajectories start.
Sign up now and discover the common-sense truths and the hidden secrets of the v.Pro.

Programme Details

Full mastery 2 to 3 weeks to full mastery
Learning time Invest 2-6 hours
Online webinar 2hrs. “Springboard” session – find the horizon
Certification Short course, not for credit, certificate of attendance will be issued.

The Cornerstone Promise

You’re investing your time and resources to change tomorrow.

We have earned our credentials because we respect that.

That is why we put only the finest ideas and practices into the learning in your life.

We leave nothing to chance.