The power of virtual facilitation.

Written by Staff Writer

May 31, 2021

It seems adults learn most effectively in places not officially designated for learning. We do not find our greatest lessons in online classrooms or facilitated sessions. Instead, we learn best socially, from each other, in conversations and just about any place that presents us with an experience at a time in our lives when we are ready to receive it.

What does this imply is required, when adults sign up to learn, for example in a virtually facilitated online session?

Surely, it means the learning has to be more than “interactive”, it has to be alive?  Learning designers have all kinds of techniques for doing this but as we spend more time online across all interactions, our literacy and skills on these platforms have escalated. The usual techniques for pushing up learner engagement and interactivity seem underwhelming in this new context.

CPS has devised a methodology for designing virtual facilitation that truly creates stimulating conditions for learning. It’s called disruptive process facilitation. If you Google it you will find nothing at all, Google is ignorant, because its proprietary IP that’s woven into CPS facilitation design.

Through a carefully designed approach to virtual facilitation, developed over many years, CPS creates conditions conducive for behavioural transformation during virtual facilitation. It’s woven into all the CPS learning journeys but is radically evident in the virtual facilitation sessions.

CPS virtual facilitation is a dynamic experience that builds on the learner’s ever-growing knowledge base, including their springboard  from unconscious and conscious beliefs, their mindset, the ignition of changing actions and translating these into results.

This is learning that is in ‘real world’, learning that is real and valuable within various networks of relationships which make up the learner’s world. It lays the paths in our brains for optimal application later on. Virtual learning puts forward a series of new challenges and asks hard questions of those who are invested in mainstream learning strategies. CPS has certainly risen to this challenge.  #Change Tomorrow.

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