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We drive the learning that changes tomorrow because we believe human potential should have no limits.

Radical change is a daily reality.
People and organisations must adapt.

We drive the learning that changes tomorrow because
we believe human potential should have no limits

Every Cornerstone programme embodies our four learning impact elements:

The Human Touch

Warm, human content and a
respected, insightful and
skilled human facilitator can
play a unique role in a
learning journey.

In virtual spaces, our expert
faculty know exactly how to
immerse groups of people in
the kinds of experiences that
engage, challenge and shift.

Managed learning

Mission-critical learning is too
important to be left to chance
– it’s why we prefer not to just
‘deliver programmes’.

We far prefer to collaborate
for change, where we manage
and lead journeys and
safeguard their value and
impact every step of the way.


Integrated digital

People learn best when they
have a clear goal, and
discover, collaborate, and
apply their learning to close
gaps between their now, and
their tomorrow.

We integrate these elements
of learning in a digital
environment, so we can help
people on their journeys – no
matter where they sit.



Science provides deep insight
into human learning and

We apply RAMPed™ -an
advanced learning
methodology based on
original research.

Using it, we create intriguing
journeys that unlock more of
the potential of greater
numbers of people and
maximise ROI.


Change begins with people who learn.

We build the capabilities to navigate tomorrow.


We specialise in building four future capabilities:

Risk and compliance

Risk and opportunity lie near
the heart of disruption.
Regulation is prerequisite to
Manging risk and compliance
to sustain organisations
despite the turbulence of the
era has never been more
Fortunately the skills
are fundamental to human
evolution and can be
developed dramatically.
Change Tomorrow

Personal and

Humans cannot survive and
thrive in the complexity of the
emerging world with legacy

Knowledge, mindsets,
thinking, problem-solving, and
coping strategies can’t afford
to remain static.

Profound new skills are
required. Adaptability,
ecosystemic problem-solving,
ethics, EQ , resiliency, and
autonomous team behaviour
are paramount.


relationships, and

Successful organisations in
this ‘Era of Disruption’ look
different, feel different, and
behave differently.

The Era challenges leaders
and managers to discover
thinking and behaviour to
foster engagement,
innovation, pace , agility, and

It’s a new skillset that will not
emerge on its own. It requires
deliberate , sometimes
challenging learning, and
adaptive work practices.


leadership and

Customer value is the north
star in the Era of Disruption in
all roles. Organisations seek
to increase it through
in novation. Disruption
threatens it.

It has become more
necessary than ever to
cultivate customer centricity
in all spheres of
organisational activity .

The deep learning required to
put the customer first will
often require reinvented
thinking and behaviour


Clients partner with us to build selected future capabilities using

Lay new foundations with
Accredited Qualifications.

When organisations and individuals require
macro-learning experiences that lay new
foundations, and open entirely new vistas, a
qualification is often the best option.

Obtaining a qualification can be risky. It’s an
intensive journey with many pitfalls.
We’ve been able to de-risk the journey to highly
relevant qualifications by applying our four
learning principles.

This gives our clients and students some of the
highest pass-rates in the industry, the lowest
opportunity costs, and the greatest verified

Open new doors with focused
Capability Programmes.

A strategy will not deliver results without the right
motivation, thinking, mindsets, and problem-
solving to power it.

We specialise in using behavioural and learning
sciences — catalysed by warm creativity – to craft
niche capability programmes that shift the way
people think, behave, and realise results.

Our approach has won us an international award,
repeated appearances at the world’s leading
talent conference, and the acclaim of delegates,
talent professionals, and business leaders.

When a strategy is too important to leave to
chance, our clients partner with us for
accountability and assured value.

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