Are your potential delegates avoiding learning?

Written by Staff Writer

July 29, 2021

Are your potential delegates feeling less motivated than usual? Do they seem more exhausted and irritable when you discuss learning opportunities with them? They may have learning burnout, which is a very real condition that online students worldwide are complaining about.

Some ways you can identify if your delegates have learning burnout are:

  • Managers just don’t respond to your requests to nominate delegates.
  • There is little motivation to attend learning events.
  • Their first question is “how long is it?”
  • They want to learn about weighty and important topics that have huge impact but insist that it must be done within two hours.
  • Postponing learning events.
  • Not arriving.
  • Keeping their cameras off and on mute.

What to do?

Make sure the learning offered is radically relevant and offers high impact solutions to real work problems. Make sure the solution is so attractive that they feel motivated to get enrolled. People really have to understand what’s in it for them to be willing to allocate valuable time going online (again). Distil learning experiences to high-value experiences that matter and integrate social learning and community of practice events with learning, to keep it social and engaging.

Give learners access to experts and organisational leaders as part of the learning experience.

Motivate the return on “time spent in learning” investment more clearly and select “must have” learning that is customer driven and not driven by L&D. Most importantly, use providers that understand your business and apply learning science.

Be kind to overwhelmed people. Meet with a reputable provider, like CPS, to assist you with all of the above. At CPS we #ChangeTomorrow.

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