We offer Niche Capability Programmes focused on closing the strategic future capability gaps.

Qualifications and Learnerships

When organisations and individuals require macro-learning experiences that lay new foundations in banking and financial services a qualification can be the best option.
These are intensive learning and transformation journeys delivered over a 10 – 12 month period that we’ve been able to de-risk by applying our four learning impact elements.
The standards are rigorous, but our clients and students gain some of the highest success and impact results.
For greater overall effectiveness in executing on strategy, a stronger bench, and better succession, the CPS qualifications will ensure you get the results

  • Higher Certificate In Banking Level 5 (HEQC)
  • Banking Management for the 4th Industrial Revolution (National Certificate General Mgmt NQF5
  • Agile Banking Professional – (National Certificate in Banking NQF5)
  • Agile Financial Service Practitioner – (National Certificate in Banking NQF5)

Adaptive leadership and management Programmes

We are seeing a global trend away from the industrial age Plan-Organise-Lead-Control thinking to the Purpose-Vision-Engage-Agility thinking characteristic of the new era. Business acumen is at an all-time premium.
The emerging approach manifests in leadership that focuses, empowers, and develops, and we’ve make it our business to lay those foundations. Our programmes ….

Finance, risk and compliance programmes

Where there is an objective, there is risk AND potential loss. Nowhere is forward thinking and precise analysis more important. And then there is regulation, serving the greater good. Systemic thinking and ecosystemic problem-solving are paramount.
We’ve been helping people lay the conceptual foundations, advanced thinking, and problem-solving for years.

Personal and organisational adaptation

Disruption is a fearful thing. ‘Disrupt or be disrupted’ is the new ‘survival of the fittest’. Learning, growth, collaboration, innovation and business acumen are in dire need. The problem is that industrial-age thinking predominates, and workforces are typically ill-equipped for adaptation.
We offer niche programmes that instil the adaptive thinking patterns, resiliency, and ways of working for the world of disruption.

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