Integrated digital learning

People learn best when they have a clear goal, and discover, collaborate and apply their learning to close gaps between their now, and their tomorrow.

Digital Evironment

We integrate our elements of learning in  a digital evironment, so we can help people on their journeys – no matter where they sit.


People and organisations must adapt.Radical change is a daily reality.

Client-Centricity, relationship and sales

Customer value is the north star in the Era of Disruption in all roles. Organisations seek to increase it through inovation. Disruptions threaten it.

Organisational activity

It has become more necessary than ever to cultivate customer centricity in all spheres of organisational activity.

Deep Learning

The deep learning required to put the customer first will often require reinvented thinking and behaviour patterns.

Lay New Foundations

When organisations and individualls require new macro-learning experiences that lay new foundations and open entirely new vistas a qualification is often the best option.

Obtaining a Qalification

Obtaining a qualification can always be risky. Its an intensive journey with many pitfalls.


Less Risk

We have been able to de-risk the journey to highly relevant qualifications by applying our four learning principles.


The best way to predict your future is to create it!

Great learning patform learnt everything that I needed to succeed,  would recommend vineleaf to everyone!

John Human

Web Engineer, Durban

I use to be good at learning until a friend introduced me to this digital course many things I thought was right, turned out to be quite the opposite.

Jane Goldsmith

Designer, Lacost

So  glad I found this site did wonders for my cildren in their learning process, the information is of a very high  standard and the support is excellent.

Amanda Dickins


We have earned credentials because we are serious about learning.

A gold medal for category winner in sales performance training at the international Brandon-Hall awards.

South African Bankseta skills at work award winner and podium finisher several times.

Repeated adresses by our CEO and founder at the international conference.

Accreditation by South African education regulators including provisional accreditation by the counsil for Higher Education.

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